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Gecko Contracting, your landscape construction and maintenance partner.

The Gecko Team has a wide range of skilled employees that are able to help our customers achieve their desired results. From maintenance to consultancy, installation to removal, we have all your landscaping services covered. Browse our listed services below to discover what our team can do for you.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about job requirements, completion times and competitive pricing. Gecko Contracting happily provides obligation-free quotes to new and existing customers. For all landscaping services, big and small.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is the art of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive. This function is at the core of Gecko Contracting. 

An accurate and professionally maintained garden can create a beautiful outdoor ambience for all to enjoy. 

Gecko can create specialised maintenance programs for individual clients, or simply provide a one-off visit to give your outdoor area a quick face-lift. 

With accredited horticulturalists on hand, we are able to provide the best quality advice and suggestions, to achieve your perfect result. 

We are the masters of the outdoors. 

Turf Installation & Maintenance

Turf installation and maintenance can be a tricky task to achieve by any standard. 

It is very important to Gecko that the work we do is done right. We take extra care to ensure that we complete sufficient preparation so that your turf gets the best start possible. 

With years of experience on our side and skilled individuals Gecko is able to professionally advise turf selection, and effortlessly follow the process through to laying and post-service care. 

Commercial & Industrial Maintenance

Commercial and Industrial Landscape Maintenance extends from basic to extensive requirements. Gecko is able to provide assistance in activities from clean-up services to routine maintenance programs. Each of which are designed specifically for each client’s requirements. 

We are able to service a diverse range of clientele including Councils, Commercial Businesses, Industrial Businesses, Government Locations, and many more. 

Verge, Park, and Oval Mowing

Skilled staff go a long way in any industry, but professional tools can make a world of difference. When it comes to specialised turf maintenance, quality equipment is key to ensuring a successful job. 

Gecko ensures that all our equipment is of the highest standard to be able to provide superior solutions. 

Gecko is able to service local schools, parks and other council allocated areas with mowing facilities. 

Spraying & Weed Control

After completing a variety of courses, trained Gecko staff are able to safely and skilfully administer commercial chemicals to eliminate and control weeds. This process is very intricate and specialised, it takes expert staff, with quality chemicals to create the desired outcome. 

Gecko takes great pride in holding Spraying Licences, distributed by the Health Department of Western Australia. 

After completing the course our staff are appropriately trained in controlling weeds and everyday pests on a commercial scale. 

Streetscape Maintenance

Cleaning up unsightly streetscapes has become a speciality for Gecko. We are able to offer services for local councils and shires to create aesthetic and visually dynamic verges. By integrating cleaning facilities, mulching, plant/turf installation and maintenance we can transform any unkept roadside path and verge into picturesque work of art. 

Individual programs can be created for each client to ensure that these roadside verges remain well maintained after the initial installation and clean up process. 

By introducing streetscape maintenance in your local community, the area becomes a cleaner and safer location, with the rejuvenated space adding value to 

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Tractor Slashing

Gecko Contracting is equipped to be able to provide customers with full tractor slashing facilities on large scale areas. 

Tractor Slashing is the most cost and time-effective solution to cut down long grass. This helps you comply with fire mitigation standards. Equipped with the appropriate machinery, Gecko can complete these services with ease. 

Nature Playgrounds

Unleashing our inner child, the Gecko team is able to fully install nature playgrounds in your local community. These nature playgrounds provide the full functionality of a standard children’s playground, only integrating more of the natural environment around it. 

These playgrounds add great value to the community and provide a safe and fun location for families. 

Gecko Contracting is able to provide after service care to the playgrounds we install to ensure that they remain functional for future use. This includes cleaning services and any required garden maintenance. 

Tree Works

Gecko Contracting can fulfil an assortment of tree-based works, including planting, pruning and removal. We are able to prepare the predefined areas ready for the planting process, this includes trees and shrubs. If required Gecko is able to provide after service care plans to ensure the success of the planting. Aftercare services can also incorporate regular pruning in order to maintain attractive looking trees. 

Further tree work services include the creation of root barriers around mature trees to prevent paving damage. Tree lopping is another service we are able to provide. All services are completed by fully qualified professionals to ensure maximum safety and results. 

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