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Bibra Lake Roundabout

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Bibra Lake Roundabout

Roundabout Landscaping

Roundabout Landscaping Bibra LakeGecko Contracting has completed a large range of commercial landscaping projects. One of the most recent being the redesign and installation of a local roundabout. This work was completed in the Southern suburb of Bibra Lake. Gecko Contracting staff were able to showcase their roundabout landscaping skills.

After being approached by the local council, Gecko Contracting took on the project. This begun with standard consultancy work to decide what the best course of action was to achieve the desired results. The images to the left outline what the roundabout looked like before it’s Gecko make-over. Gecko is able to follow any design brief to complete renovations and redesigns.
It was decided that an underlay of mulch would be placed across the entire roundabout and the associated medium strip. Gecko then followed this by laying a top layer of decorative stones. Our team chose the two distinct colours to enhance the dynamic look of the space.
Furthermore, Gecko contracting completed horticultural work by planting a variety of plants within the space. Grass Trees, Gum Trees and Floor Shrubs were specified to extenuate the natural environment.

Gecko Contracting staff pride themselves on their ability to provide quality results. Working in a professional and attractive manner, Gecko took special care to ensure all safety requirements are fulfilled whilst working.

The images below detail the roundabout’s beautiful transformation.

Roundabout Landscaping Bibra LakeRoundabout Landscaping Bibra LakeRoundabout Landscaping Bibra Lake

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